IGP Opens a two-days Intelligence Meeting for African Police Chiefs

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Today police intelligence chiefs from 26 African nations under the umbrella organizations of Eastern Africa police chiefs corporation (EAPCCO) and Southern African Region police corporation (SARPCO) have convened in Uganda to strategize on how to combat organized crimes in Africa.

This is the third time the officers are meeting in Entebbe , the recent being last year in 2017.

In the previous meet, the officers agreed on an operation code named “USALAMA” which was initiated with the objective of combating cross border crimes.

Opening the two days meeting, the Inspector General of Police John Martins Okoth Ochola noted that Africa is experiencing a new and sophisticated types of crimes that need a coordinated and equally sophisticated approach to counter it.

He told the intelligence officers that computer technology has come with numerous challenges in relation to crime saying that it has increased cyber crimes,forgery of documents that has led to untold suffering in African countries.

The police boss also pointed out human trafficking which he said has taken a new dimension to include kidnaps for ransom.

He asked the officers during their discussion to tackle the challenge motor vehicle thefts across the entire region.

“Motor vehicle thefts across the region has gone in abated. Stolen vehicles are moved from one country to the other without any hindrance” Ochola noted

He however said that as the officers plan the operations they should also bare in mind that the organized crime cartels are doing the same.

“Your plan must therefore be geared towards delivering a successful and credible operation” he said

Ochola implored security chiefs to always confidently and effectively share information and intelligence as well as close cooperation and coordination which he said that it will lead to high level of success towards reducing organized crime.

The IGP also expressed gratitude towards the regional INTERPOL bureau based in Nairobi for its well coordinated operation dubbed “FAGIA” which was geared towards fighting substandard and counterfeit goods in East Africa.

“The operation was successful and impressive ” he said

As chairperson of EAPCCO, Ochola pledged continuous support to the bureau and the continenT.

As the meeting ends tomorrow the police chiefs will discuss and come up with resolutions and way forward on how to fight transnational organized crime.

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