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The IGP Mr. Abbas Byakagaba would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all applicants who qualified to join the police profession. They will now undergo on extensive process of molding them from civilians into professionals and dedicated officers. And their first day at the police academy in Kabalye Masindi, on the 13.07.2024, carries a lot of excitement about learning new things. A total of 3441 PPCs were successful, out of whom 2349 are male applicants and 1092 are female applicants. The successful candidates must note that they are joining a career that demands a high level of personal integrity and responsibility.

To help you acquire these skills, a fine team of instructors, will welcome you to the academy, which is located on a 2 square mile site, and hosts very good learning facilities, with scenario based training programs, paramilitary and self-defense training grounds, weapon ranges, lecture halls and class rooms, dormitories, IT laboratory, a library, dining room and sports grounds. The academy takes pride in developing skills, and capabilities of officers serving the country in various positions of leadership.

All successful candidates reporting to the training school, should carry the following:- An Original and Photocopy of Academic Documents and National Identity Card, Four (4) Passport Photos, a ream of photocopying paper, Four (4) File Covers, Two (02) Bic pens, Two (02) pairs of plain light blue bed sheets,  A Pair of Gumboots, A pair of Canvas shoes, A pair of track suit and two (02) T-shirts for physical exercise, A slasher, Mosquito nets, A plastic jerrycan (10 litres), A plastic basin/bucket and personal effects.

We want to remind you that your journey to becoming part of the police begins with a 12 months course, before being confirmed at the rank of Probation Police Constable (PPC) at the academy .The learning environment is stimulating and challenging. You will need dedication, commitment and a willingness to train, for one to succeed in the structured training grounds. It will include classroom based theory lesions, practical and physical training.

We do believe that all rewards come from effort and you can expect this to be an intense and demanding period of your life. You will need to form very strong bonds and teamwork, which will stay with you all your lives. You may need support from your family and friends as well. While at the academy, you will also receive plenty of support from your lecturers, trainers and fellow trainees. All trainees will be accommodated at the school, which also provides cultural and religious considerations, and well served meals.

Once again we would like to congratulate all the trainees, and expect to meet you on graduation day, celebrating your achievement with your family.


Below is the list of the successful candidates


find full list below 

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