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The IGP has come out strongly to condemn the increasing acts of aggravated child abuse and torture.  This follows several videos, showing young children being battered, trampled upon, and mistreated by parents, guardians and care takers etc.  Our Children and Family Protection Unit, has continued to register cases where parents and guardians administer punishments in form of physical beatings, deprivation of sleep, fed on minimal amounts of food or even starved etc. As a result this  worsens the relationship between the child victim and the parent, guardian or caretaker.

Children are the most vulnerable members of society, and the scars from the physical, psychological, sexual and emotional abuse or torture are traumatic, long lasting and very devastating, to our community.  The torture of a child affects us all.

During this pandemic period, we have witnessed a notable increase in cases of child abuse and torture, due to the long durations at home, poor oversight from guardians, anger and frustration, among others.  We all must look to alternatives to physical discipline.

In the recent videos which went viral, the victim who was being tortured by the mother, is responding very well from the traumatic experience of child torture.  He is receiving medical treatment and social services.  We would like to thank, Nsambya Babies Home and all other shelter homes, for the role they play in supporting child victims.

The UPF remains committed to pursuing every incident of child torture and further ensure that those responsible for the horrific crimes, are brought to justice.  The Child and Family Protection Unit has charged several suspects to court, and is pursuing the violent mother from Bunga, who is on the run.  We are seeking for any information that can lead to her whereabouts and arrest.

We implore everyone to stay vigilant and take interests in the upbringing and well being of children.  In addition, we encourage all children to take courage and make disclosures of abuse to LCs, elders, security personnel etc.

CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

15th November 2021

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