IGP closes CIID retreat

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The Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura has urged the directorate of CIID to develop an effective doctrine and standard operating procedures to match with modern crime challenges.

“Develop, effective doctrine, policies, and standard operating procedures, develop a recruitment and training policy, for example, recruitment of scientists, lawyers, accountants and IT specialists into the directorate, so that they can handle the changing dynamics of crime,” Gen. Kayihura, made the remarks while closing a one week retreat for Senior detectives at Police Training School, Kabalye Masindi on Sunday 30/3/2014.

“Acquire modern equipments, optimizing on developments in science and technology,” Gen. Kayihura said.
He urged the detectives to build networks of informers within the country, region and globally if they are to succeed.
The Officers were drawn from Heads of Department from CIID headquarters, Regional CIID Officers, District CIID Officers and other Senior CIID Officers attached to Parliament, State House, IGG and URA.

The IGP added that CIID is critical for the Uganda Police Force to effectively discharge, its mandate.
“We must quickly develop and acquire adequate investigative capabilities optimizing on science and technology if we are to cope with the fast increasing complexity and lethality of crime and criminal networks,” he said.
Adding “CID is the heart of Police, if we succeed or fail it’s you (detectives/CIID).”

Gen. Kayihura informed the detectives that Uganda Police Management has put aside Shs 2 billion as welfare fund to be used in improving and taking care of fallen Uganda Police comrades’ relatives and officers with exemplary performances.

He appreciated the CIID directorate for organizing the retreat and urged them to hold it on a quarterly basis.
“So that you evaluate how far you have gone in the implementations of your resolutions, and also where you need improvement,” Gen. Kayihura said.

The Senior detectives resolved that it will not be business as usual after the retreat, they endorsed to improve on their customer care and urged the public to follow their case files up to its logical conclusion.

Facilitators of the retreat were drawn from the Criminal Justice System namely: Police, DPP, Judiciary, Prisons, Government Analytical Laboratory, Forensic services, Human Rights, Inspectorate of Government, and State House Medicines Health Monitoring Unit.

The Officers also discus and evaluate themselves, shared their success stories, challenges and way forward.


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