IGP Applauds Task Team Upon Successful Conviction Of Suspect Involved In Women Murders.

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The IGP has applauded the task teams from the General Crimes Department, Homicide, KMP and Kakira Division, after one of the notorious suspect behind the violent murders of women, was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

On the 24/09/2019, the High Court sitting in Wakiso, convicted and sentenced,  Kawesa Ibrahim, to life imprisonment for the crime he committed in 2017, where he raped a 27 year old female victim, Nakabugo Annet, of Kiteredde village, in Kakiri and strangled her to death.  This is the first out of 4 cases, of women murders, for which he was being held accountable.

The convict particularly targeted marginalised and vulnerable women, during lone hours, whom he abducted, raped and strangled to death.  He is now pending trial in the murder of Nakachwa Teddy and Nansubuga of Nansana Division, after his DNA samples were cross linked to the two victims.

He further thanked our partners under the criminal justice system for their exceptional work.  We are pleased that they brought the accused to justice. The case and more importantly, this conviction serves as an irrefutable message to all those notorious criminals and those that aspire to participate in crime, or use it as a tool to their selfish interests, that eventually, they will be apprehended and prosecuted.

It is clear the justice system has the right place for him, behind bars for the rest of his natural life.  The convict  had ever been sentenced to 10 years for the murder of a woman in Matugga and after his release, he again committed more women murders.  Such dangerous suspects have no remorse.


CP Fred Enanga

Police Spokesperson

30th Sept. 2019

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