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I am very pleased to present the Annual Crime and Traffic/Road Safety Report for 2020. This report follows the 2019 crime report detailing the crime trend, patterns and ratios of crime/population taking into account the contemporary challenges and efforts by Uganda Police Force to reduce crime generally towards a safe and crime free society.

This report;

  1. . Makes us understand and analyze the emerging crime trends both nationally and locally better. The trends of crimes keep changing with the growing population and rapid development of the country. It highlights crimes that take place especially against women, children and weaker sections of the society and a growing concern for everyone.
  2. Provides ample statistical data to analyze and help in shaping interventions to curb crime.
  3.  Provides the opportunity to explain to the population how the Uganda Police Force is fulfilling its mandate. We believe that by availing this report to Ugandans, it’s a form of accountability and helps to improve our relations with the public and create a safer society where individuals enjoy a secure environment for economic, social and political growth.

In our last 2019 Annual Crime Report, we identified some of the challenges, strategies and recommendations that the Uganda Police Force was to adopt in fighting crime. In this 2020Annual Crime Report, we account for the progress the Institution made in fulfilling its objectives and set out a new Crime Plan, including how we are to tackle the key priorities.

Generally, in the year 2020, there was 8.9% decrease in the volume of crimes reported to Police from 215,224 cases reported in 2019 to 195,931 cases reported in the year 2020.

There was also a 4.7% reduction in the number of traffic accidents reported in 2020 from 12,858 accidents reported in 2019 to 12,249 accidents reported in 2020. On the contrary, in terms of Fire and Rescue emergencies, there was a 1.6% increase in incidents handled, from 999 incidents handled in 2019 to 1,015 handled in 2020.

The details on management, status and gravity of the reported cases and incidents are all discussed in the Report, but it is worth noting that the statistics in the report have been greatly influenced by the following, among other factors:

  1. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and the subsequent lockdown of some sectors.
  2. Anti-Crime infrastructure such as the CCTV Cameras.
  • Community co-operation and the continuous sensitization.
  1. The electioneering period.

Focusing ahead, whilst policing risks and challenges of welfare remain amidst our institution, we must urgently address elements of indiscipline, corruption, poor customer care and human rights abuse amongst some of our officers. Secondly, as our country evolves and grows in science and technologies, so too the Police Force must adopt to these developments and take on roles that reflect the changing values and expectations of the society we seek to protect. This therefore, entails constant training and equipping of our personnel with more advanced knowledge, proper attitude and tools to fight crime.

On a special note, I take this opportunity to register my appreciation to H.E. The President of the Republic of Uganda who initiated the Anti- crime infrastructure, continuously guided and supported the Uganda Police Force in fighting crime.

I also convey my gratitude to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, sister security Agencies, JLOS Partners, the media and the public for their support.

I thank the Uganda Police top management, men and women of Uganda Police Force, for their tireless efforts amidst challenges of fighting crime for continuing to keep the country safe during what has been another challenging year in terms of COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, general elections and demands for services.

Finally, I urge all Ugandans to continue the fight against crime for a safer Uganda and look forward for suggestions and feedback for improvement in securing our Country.



19TH APRIL 2021

Find the attached copy of the 2020 Annual Crime Report below




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