Human Trafficking Institute Uganda Donates to Police

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The Directorate of Criminal Investigations CID has today 23″ August 2021 received two brand new motor vehicles (Toyota Double Cabin and Toyota Minibus Hiace) from the Human Trafficking Institute at CID headquarters Kibuli.

The Motor vehicles which were handed over by Mr. Dunman Tayler on behalf of the institute was part of the fulfillment of the Memorandum of understanding that was signed between the institute and Uganda Police in September 2019, where the institute undertook an obligation of supporting investigations of trafficking in
Human cases, by providing requisite equipment and training opportunities anmong

Speaking in appreciation of the offer, the Deputy Director CID Assistant Commissioner of Police Julius Twinomujuni on behalf of the Director CID appreciated the Institute for honoring their pledge and promised that the
Directorate is committed to putting the provided Motor vehicles to proper use to
enable timely, effective and efficient investigations. “We appreciate the offer, and
considering the fact that CID has built capabilities in terms of investigators, such
offer will inevitably assist in timely responding to the rescue of the victinms of Crime as well as collecting evidence for possible prosecution.
Speaking at the handover, Mr. Dunman Tayler emphasized that Investigators must appreciate the proliferation of Trafficking in human cases, and further intimated that they should be handed decisively and expeditiously. “Trafficking in persons is indeed a global problem, and considering the fact that no region is immune to this egregious crime, the synergies should be combined with a global approach” Dunman said.

The Government of Uganda has made tremendous steps of putting in place both
Institutional as well as Legal frame work to ensure that trafficking in persons is defeate, and with the arrangements of stakeholder engagement, the law enforcement agencies hope that this vice will be fought and eradicated completely.

Uganda police shall remain resolute and humbly welcome any pattern that will join
in the struggle of making Uganda a crime free society to foster development. “We are very cognizant that an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere, and together we can fight crime John Martin Okoth Ochola Inspector General of Police

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