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As you are all aware the Easter season is one of the most significant religious events. Therefore, as we celebrate it, let us give thanks and also take time to stop and reflect on the struggles and ultimate joy, past the lockdown period. unlike the previous year, this Easter will be celebrated in a more joyous manner, with a chance to visit friends, family attend Easter shows, go to church, travel for holidays, shopping and other activities.

The Easter holiday however comes with the potential for increased criminality, where opportunists and criminal elements target pedestrians, motorist, homes, passengers, revelers among others, to attack, steal and rob from them.

Like always, we take security of Ugandans extremely seriously and have put up very visible, robust and focused security deployments that are closely monitored at the national and all territorial levels. Although there are no specific threats directed towards, Uganda as a country, we would like to remind all members of the public that threats of terrorism still exist.

Much as our levels of vigilance and alertness have been heightened, at all major places of worship, entertainment and social events points, bus and taxi terminals, all VIP and security installations we wish to remind the public that safety is everyone’s job and responsibility. as a result, we encourage the public to be vigilant as well and report any suspicious activity to police or any other security agency. By so doing you are helping us take robust action against offenders and bring them to justice.

To achieve this, it’s important that people keep their mobile phones charged so that in the event of an emergency they can reach us out for help.


Meanwhile our traffic enforcement teams have intensified high visibility patrol and enforcement activities aimed at improving traffic discipline and compliance, it is unfortunate that risky, dangerous and reckless still exists, which implies that some drivers do not listen. We have put up tough and stringent measures to tackles such undisciplined drivers.


As we conclude, we ask all members of the public to consider following the safety tips listed below. These tips and advice can help you stay as safe as possible during this Easter holiday. https://www.upf.go.ug/christmas-safety-advice/

Once again, we would like to wish each and everyone in Uganda safe and joyful Easter holiday.








15th. april 2022



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