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The Territorial Police in KMP North and Nabweru Police, are investigating an extortion ring in Nabweru, that is issuing threats of arson to selected Headteachers over the phone, if they did not part with money. So far, two Headteachers in Nabweru, have been contacted by an anonymous caller on phone number 0700514784, where the persons behind the call, claim to have been hired from Luwero, to purposely burn their schools.

On the 24.06.2022, they called and issued threats to the Headteacher of Exford Nursery and Primary School, Nkoyoyo Joseph, after getting his number from the school sign post at around 1:40pm. A similar threat of arson, was made to the Headteacher of Prosper Junior School, Ms. Kuliro Mary Treasure, by anonymous callers on the same number. After failed attempts, another caller used the same number, to demand Ugx 150,000/= from the Headteachers, claiming he knew the owners of the school, and wanted to volunteer information to them. So far, 12 suspects have been arrested and are thoroughly being screened at Nabweru police.

We want to assure the Headteachers and the public that this is a scam, designed to scare them, into handing over money without seeking any further assistance. We do thank them for being responsible and encourage other potential victims, to report such scams to police, to help dismantle such extortion gangs and to help us monitor trends. We are also cautioning other people like government officials, business owners, those looking for jobs and vulnerable persons especially Elders to be very careful with scammers who use dishonest methods to contact potential victims and attempt to pressure them with threats to pay or blackmail.

Therefore, we urge all members of the public to be very cautious while communicating on phone and avoid sharing any personal information with strangers or people you have never met in person. These criminals will try to get contacts from signposts, business cards or randomly and then demand money or forms in exchange for not causing damage to your property, life or blackmail and propaganda.

Always validate information such as phone details and offer to meet in person at secure locations. Otherwise, stop communication immediately with these scammers and do not send money, to them because it will not stop them from demanding more money from you




CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

27th June 2022



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