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As you are all aware, we are into the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is more deadly and devastating.  It is worse than the first wave, since it is more transmissible and affecting young people including children this time round.  For instance during the course of last week, 1390 new cases were registered, within two days of 27th – 228th May, 2021.  The most affected areas being Kampala, Wakiso, Moroto, Tororo, Luwero, Kalungu, Mbarara, Kibuku and Iganga among others.

This according to the health experts is being attributed to people during complacent and less cautious. Due to the lockdown fatigue the majority have gone back to the old normal of having large wedding parties, large congregations in worships centres, sporting events, markets, arcades, being transported at 100% capacity in buses, taxis and on bodaboda, stealthy going to bars, without taking precautions as they go unmasked and donot observe physical distance.  The other danger is our young adults, think the situation has returned to normal, whereas not.

Now we are experiencing a second wave of corona virus infection that is worse than the first.  However, when issues of non-compliance due to behavioural fatigue, put our country as risk, there are enforcement measures in place to help protect the health and safety of Ugandans.  As a result, we are now focusing our enforcement efforts on high risk settings to minimize the risk of the virus super spreading.

These areas include public transport of buses, taxis, bodabodas, arcades, markets, schools, malls, restaurants, retail shops in trading centres, congregations at worships centres, weddings, bars operating illegally etc.

All our Territorial Commanders have become more punitive in our approach to COVID-19 infractions.  We continue to punish offenders with fines, penalties and charges as one way of bringing the epidemic under control.  In the course of the week 445 motor vehicles and 2,088 motorcycles were impounded for violating the curfew timings.  A total of 2124 suspects were also arrested for flouting the health SOPs and curfew timings.  They are set to appear in court.

We urge all Ugandans and visitors that everyone has a role to play in stopping the spread of the virus.  Enforcement is only one component.  We hope the vaccination exercise which has begun to pick-up, will play a big part in controlling the wave of this pandemic.

CP Fred Enanga

Police Spokesperson

31st May 2021



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