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During the presentation of the Ministerial Policy Statement for the FY 2023/2024, to the committee on Defence and Internal Affairs on the 29.03.2023, the UPF was tasked to popularise the approved sources of revenue, collected as Non-Tax Revenue (NTR). As you are aware, every Financial Year, the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED), sets NTR targets to be collected by MDAs.

 The UPF is projected to collect Ugx 30bn in this FY 2022/2023. The projected revenue is to be collected from the services, the UPF provides that are approved sources of revenue, such as guard and escort duties, gun licences, certificate of Good Conduct, Band engagement, finger printing, security screening, test firing, dog sweeping, police reports, ballistic report, naturalisation and registration, express penalty scheme, traffic accident report, custody fees, police canteen rental fees, application for renewal of firearms certificate, gun rental fees, training in civilian firearms handling, action fees, tender broad fees, hire of police helicopters, hire of police boats, training of other private security companies, permit to purchase firearms, by both private security companies and individuals, motor vehicle verification, hire of the police mega tent and application for renewal of operators licences by private security companies.

The specific rates applicable to police services in Uganda

CodeNTR itemsDescriptionRates
142219Tender Board FeesThese fees are charged.

a)     For purchase of bids (politicians/providers)

b)    During prequalification of suppliers/providers



141601Sale of Government vehicles and plantThis is mainly obtained from

a)     Boarding of absolute vehicles.

b)    Uneconomical and un serviceable vehicles

c)     Accident vehicles

d)    Grounded vehicles

e)     Motorcycle and bicycle

f)       Generators

Revenue prices are not by the Chief Government values, board of survey and prices are determined by open auction
114512Naturalisation and Registration feesThis contributes the following items

a)     Opening a private security company (Police Form 96)





 b)    Application form to import/Acquire firearms by private security company (Police Form 97) 


c)     Application to acquire/purchase a firearm (Police Form 98) for private individuals.50,000/=
d)    Application for a certificate as firearms dealer200,000/=
e)     Permit to purchase/ acquire a firearm1,000,000/=
f)       Permit to acquire/purchase dealers license200,000/=
g)    Application for renewal of operator’s licence 


h)     Application for renewal of gun dealer’s licence200,000/=
i)       Application for renewal of a firearm license100,000/=
j)       Temporally permit to import/export firearmUSD 100/= per gun
k)     Permit to acquire import ammunitions (for every 100 rounds)USD$50
42219Escort feeThis involves: –

a)     Escort of cash and cash equivalents

b)    Escort of explosives

c)     VIPS (Very important persons)

d)    Private firearms

30,000= PC – AIP




32,000/= IP and ABOVE

142219Fees for traffic accidents, reports, (sketch IOV report and police reporta)     Charged on request by private individuals in pursuance of cases relating to traffic accidents in the courts of law. 



142219Charter fees (hire of police helicopter, aeroplane) and police boatsMany MDAs, private organisations and members of the public usually express interest in utilising the helicopter and aeroplane


a)     There are:- hourly fee charged for utilisation aerial survey and reconnaissance

b)    Crew officers are also paid allowances

c)     Fuel is also paid for

Per flight hour small

a)     W-3A Sokol USD $$2,800

b)    AW109SP USD $2,200 per flight hour

c)     Bell 206 USD $1,500 per flight hour

d)    Fixed wing aeroplane USD$2500per flight hour

e)     Aerial survey or reconnaissance/surveillance – ½ of the above rates per category

f)       Night stop within Uganda US$30 per sitting hour

g)    Night stop outside Uganda – USD$ 50 per sitting hour

h)     Crew allowances – as per public service standing order

142219Guard feesThese are fees charged on guarding institutions, hotels infrastructure, important installations banks and very important persons (VIPs) with the approval of the Inspector General of Police 


20,000/= 8 hours or less per person/officer

142219Police reportThese include;

a)     Fees charged on request by private individuals in pursuance of cases relating to crime, forensic and ballistic in the courts of law.





142219Police band chargeMany MDAs private organisations, police officers and members of the public usually express interests in utilising the police band.

a)     These are charged per a day per engagement

b)    Officers ae paid allowances according to public service standing instructions.

114508Fees and licences under traffic actThese are fines paid in accordance with the Traffic and Road Safety ActVarious refers to the Traffic Act
142219General charges – othersThese are other charges like:-

a)     Motor vehicle verification

b)    Canteen rental fees

c)     Open space rental fees

d)    Parking fees

e)     Dog certification

f)       Dog sweeping



48,000= per vehicle


300,000= per month


2000= per day per vehicle

2000= per day

200,000= per dog

100,000= per dog

142219Fire arms rental feesThese are fees from released police firearms20,000= per gun
142219Fees for training other security organisationsThese fees include:-

a)     Tuition fee per student per course

b)    Accommodation per person per a day

c)     Training allowance fees

d)    Feeding fees per person per day

e)     Teaching materials per student













145003MiscellaneousThese includes the following fees

a)     Finger print fees

b)    Certificate of Good Conduct fees

c)     Security screening fees, these includes the hire of walk through

d)    Property security marking

e)     Hire of police boats












a)     Pay for the fuel, lubricants and other running costs

b)    Pay allowance for crew based on public service rates.

c)     Pay 20% of the running cost as Government revenue.

 Hire of Mega TentDue to increased demand for police, mega tent which seats over 1000 people, MOFPED approved hire of the police mega tent as follow;

a)     To MDA’s (Ministry departments and agencies

b)    To private individuals











 Gun finger printingThis is done on acquisition of the firearm following the presidential directives that all guns must be finger printed and those that missed the country wide finger printing exercises are supposed to be done at a fee approved by MOEPED 



10,000 per gun

The funds are centrally collected and deposited to the consolidate account and appropriated for Government operations. The NTR collected by UPF is given back, as Appropriation in Aid (AIA) and as part of the MTEF provision in the Budget for each FY.

The client simply logs on the URA portal and accesses the service he wants to be provided. He or she will be able to pay from any bank of their choice. Alternatively, he can obtain a bank payment advice form from any police station around the country and a payment can be made either to Stanbic or Centenary Bank.

Therefore, all the other police services that do not fall in the description above are free of charge. We urge the public to report any officer who solicits for or demands a bribe to the Professional Standards Unit or the respective Territorial Commander at District, Regional or Headquarters level.

SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

4th April 2023


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