Gen. Kayihura inks MOU with his Somalia counterpart

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The Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura and his Somalia Counterpart ,Brig Gen. Abdihakim Dahir Sa’eed today (16/1/2014) signed a memorandum of Understanding at Serena Hotel on capacity building and developing Somalia’s Criminal Investigations department.

The Memorandum of Understanding was as a result of the need expressed by the government of the Republic of Somalia for capacity building of its Police Force in different areas.

The two parties agreed that Uganda Police Force shall provide training to the Somali Police Force in general police Training including Cadet Training.
Both Parties will carry out joint training, joint exercises, joint operations especially in the areas of counter terrorism, drug trafficking, organized and transnational crimes through exchange of information on criminal intelligence and expertise, international operations, development of exchange programmes, training, mutual assistance and joint meetings.
“The parties hereby agree that the Uganda Police Force shall initially provide training, legal and technical assistance to the Somali Police in the areas of:
General police Training including Cadet Training
ii) Criminal Investigations Training in areas of Forensic Science generally, Finger Prints, Scenes of Crime training, Crime Intelligence and Canine Units Training” the MOU reads.
“In addition to the training programmes in the above foregoing Article, the parties undertake to generally cooperate in preventing, combating and detection of crime including but not limited to: Terrorism, Drug trafficking, Organized and transnational crime, Mutual assistance, Training, Trafficking in firearms and related, Trafficking in persons, Cyber crime and Economic crime.
In their training co-operation and combat against crime, the parties shall exchange information related to activities of criminal elements and the modern methods and techniques in the field of combating crime.” The MOU adds.Gen. Kayihura in his brief remarks said that the two Police Forces are committed to strengthening relations between the Forces and the enhancement of cooperation in mutual areas of interest and without prejudice to the parties’ obligations under bilateral and multilateral agreements signed with other countries.
He said that the two forces share similar challenges in policing with particular reference to combating terrorism.
Brig. Gen. Abdihakim said that they are committed to further foster and enhance the cordial relationships and ties between the two Forces in a safe and free environment.

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