Press Release

As you are all aware, we have now entered day 55, since the two deadly attacks occurred at CPS and Parliament Avenue, without any new incidents.  The Joint Counter-terror task team, continues to disrupt plans by remnants of the ADF terror cells.  In the course of the last two weeks, they managed to arrest 12 suspected ADF agents and collaborators from the districts of Ntoroko and Kyenjojo.  These include; Buli John, Kasali Mbusa, Kambale Jonas, Omirambe John Baptist.  Those arrested in our earlier operations include; Baluku Anthony, Mukwaya Edgar, Bukuya Andrew, Hamuli Tenento, Hanifa Hamili, Sengude Simeo, Hareyimana Tonanta, Murani Simeo among others.

As you are all aware, our borderline with the Eastern DRC, were tightened, to prevent all forms of infiltration by the ADF escaping from the DRC.  As witnessed from the DRC, remnants of the ADF are moving in small groups and carrying out revenge attacks and violent retribution on civilians within the DRC.

We want to thank our teams for their efforts in identifying agents and collaboration of such actors of violence.  We strongly believe the arrests made so far, will help mitigate the threats posed by the ADF, who are now wounded and more dangerous.  Our operations to counter and confront all threats of terrorism and domestic extremism still continue.

The public should know that the terror threats against our country are still active, and we call upon each and everyone to remain vigilant and cautious as they go about their activities.

CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

10th January 2022

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