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Following the double bomb explosions that occurred on the 16.11.2021 at approximately 10.03am and 10.06am, respectively, our team of forensic experts and counter-terror experts, continue to carry out very comprehensive investigations at the two blast sites.  We are continuing to comb through the neighborhood with the canine teams, to ensure the area is free from any secondary devices.  We are transferring all damaged vehicles from the two sites to the IOV in Naguru, and thereafter open the road at Parliamentary Avenue, for business to continue, along that section.  All other roads have been opened as well.  The only restricted section is the stretch from CPS to Buganda road court.

Our Joint CT task teams have completed documenting evidence from the inner perimeters at the two blast sites, evidence from the motorcycles used, and body samples for DNA. They also obtained very critical cyber leads and other digital evidence.

The task teams have finished sweeping all buildings surrounding the blast sites and other vital installations, for secondary devices, with the assistance of the canine teams.  No secondary devices were found and the surrounding buildings have been cleared, for resumption of activities.

We want to confirm that the 3 Ugandans who died from the bomb attacks have been identified as; PC Kungu Amos, a police officer attached to CPS, Basibe Ismail, who also died from the spot at CPS. The third victim has been identified as Christopher Sande, who died on the spot, from the bomb attack along Parliamentary Avenue.  May their souls rest in eternal peace. We want to assure the families of the deceased that we shall ensure the perpetrators behind the terror acts are brought to book, in pursuit of justice for their loved ones.

We have in addition, identified the relatives to the 37 injured persons out of whom 27 were police officers and 10 civilians.  So far, 19 police officers and 05 civilians have been discharged.  And only 13 victims remain admitted but progressing well. Arrangements are being made to support the victims and the families of the deceased persons.

All Ugandans should know that the terrorist threats are real, and from a known enemy, the ADF.  We believe they could be having a wider ideological motive of violence towards our citizens and country, but we are determined to track them all down and hold their agents, operatives and collaborators, accountable for the senseless terrorist attacks.

We want to thank all the first responders, the Territorial Police in KMP, the Joint Intelligence and Counter Terrorism Team of experts, the Forensic experts, the UPDF, CID, Red cross for their dedication and collaborative efforts while responding to evacuate victims and save lives.

Thank you so much.


CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

17th November 2021


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