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The Flying Squad Unit/Crime Intelligence Task Teams, that have been actively hunting down, a group of about 7 ADF remnants who slowly filtered back into the country from the Eastern DRC, with guns managed to round up four of them, in two separate operations in Maganjo and Matugga respectively. During the first raid in Maganjo on the 16.12.2022, two suspects were arrested and detained in custody. The second raid was conducted in Matugga, on the 18.12.2022, where a fierce exchange of gun fire took place, that led to the killing of two ADF terrorists, recovery of two guns and explosives in a bag. The group were behind the deadly attack on Busiika Police Station, were 3 police officers were killed, two guns robbed and part of the offices burnt. They also planned and carried out an attack in Kasule Ayanguwa village, where they killed two civilians and injured a third one. Immediately after, they, attacked police officers at Kyabadaza police station, where they rescued two suspects and also burnt an office. This shows that the ADF remnants continue to pose threats in Uganda, and carry out inspired attacks against citizens, police officers and security facilities.

The counter operation and strike, followed multiple streams of intelligence, that led to the hide out of the terrorists in the populated neighbourhoods in Maganjo and Matugga. The IGP has greatly applauded the FSU/CI squads for their acts of bravery, in countering the terrorists. Even in the face of danger, the exhibited courage, dedication and commitment, to keep terrorists out of the communities. No personnel were injured during the deadly gun exchange.

Let this be a reminder to any individual or groups, that would like or wish to use violence against Ugandans and its visitors in the country, that no matter how far they run or how long they hide, we shall always get them and not relent in our efforts to hold them accountable, for their inhumane and ruthless terrorists’ acts.

Although terrorism against Uganda, its citizens and visitors, remains a grave threat, this successful counter operation and strike, reinforces the UPF’s unwavering commitment to bringing terrorists and all those who support them to justice. The FSU/CI and Sister Joint Terrorism Task Teams, all our Territorial Units, are resolute and determined to ensure these willing to commit heinous acts of terrorism, face the consequences of their actions, as we seek justice for the victims of their attacks.

The evidence response team from Forensic, CT Bomb Squad and Canine is documenting the scene for material evidence, as the operation targeting other remnants continues.




SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

19th December 2022



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