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The Flying squad and Crime Intelligence squads, in close coordination with the territorial teams in Masaka city, have dismantled another terror cell in Nyendo-Masaka, where they further arrested its ring leader and recovered an assortment of exhibits. The tangible exhibits recovered include; 1 PK Machine gun, 7 SMGs, 1 pistol, and explosives, from their hideout in the populated neighborhood in Kyalugo Village, Bugambira Parish, Nyendo Mukungwe Division in Masaka City.  This is the third successful counter terror operation within two weeks, that follows the earlier ones conducted in Maganjo and Matugga. So far 3 highly linked ADF suspects have been arrested, two killed during the counter-strike in Matugga, 1 PK Machine gun, 9 guns and an assortment of other exhibits recovered.

The task team built on the intelligence that it obtained from the earlier ADF suspects, who were arrested and managed to track down, a one Katende Ali alias Mao, an ADF commander of the Nyendo cell in Masaka City. We have further established, that he was part of the group, which attacked Busika Police Station on the 31,10.2022, where 3 police officers namely; D/IP Bagaluka Alex, PC Ongol Moses, and PC Odama Stephen, were killed in the line of duty. The suspects were also behind the attack and murder of two civilians namely; Kalyango Ibra and Nsubuga Peter, at Kasule Ayanguwa village, Budde Sub County in Butambala district.

We have also obtained information on the identities and descriptions of the other ADF remnants, still at large, who were trying to reconstitute and establish operational cells in Wakiso District and Masaka city.

The IGP has applauded, the FSU/CI tactical squads and the territorial team in Masaka City, for their acts of bravery and professionalism, while carrying out the successful operation. We also want to thank the residents of Nyendo, who supported our intelligence. We urge all other Ugandans to emulate them and reject all forms of terrorism, because it totally undermines the values of liberty, humanity, freedom and togetherness of our country. We do reiterate, that all persons arrested, are not targeted for their beliefs or religion, but due to their acts of conspiracy and hostile engagements of violence, perpetrated against Ugandans.

We want to reassure all Ugandans that the counter terror operations, to prevent, disrupt and dismantle terror cells and activities of other hostile groups with violent ideologies, remain active and ongoing.

We pledge to continue aggressively pursuing all remnants to these acts of violence and hostility, in the country, and ensure they are brought to book. For those who think they were misled, we encourage them to surrender or abandon such hostile attacks against Ugandans and visitors in the country.

SCP Fred Enanga

Police Spokesperson

25th December, 2022


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