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The Territorial Police in Aswa Region and Pader district, have put up a serious manhunt for Hon. Odonga Otto and a group of vigilantes, who were armed with pangas and sticks, after they were captured on video, viciously beating 3 victims, who had gone to buy charcoal, in one of the homesteads in Laorogali village, Atanga sub-county, in Pader district on the 30.04.2023 at around 3:30pm.

The 3 victims include; Ssemanda Charles, Wagwana Yusuf and Takafa Erisata who had loaded 12 bags of charcoal in their Fuso truck registration number UBA 600B. The group assaulted them using sticks and pangas, and allegedly robbed cash 1,097,700/= (One million ninety seven thousand, seven hundred shillings) only from Ssemanda Charles. They also vandalised the Fuso truck and stole two motor vehicle batteries, a motor vehicle radio, woofer, motor vehicle key and tarpline. The attackers further damaged the wind screen, the fuel tank and tyres of the Fuso truck. The victims were later released and they reported the matter at Atanga police station. A serious manhunt for the Hon. Odonga Otto and all those who participated in the torture by caning and beating is active and ongoing.

The same group had earlier attacked a one Olara Charles Okello, after he was found buying firewood while in his motor vehicle registration number UAP 516D, along Lapul- Atanga road in Atanga sub-county. The attackers robbed their phones and other belongings. They reported the matter at Pajule police station. Although the Hon. Odonga Otto and his vigilantes, claim they are an advocacy group, that is enforcing a ban on commercial trade in Acholi Sub-region, their level of physical interaction is not only reckless and dangerous, but can lead to hate crimes in society.

We wish to remind the public that torture, through the use of corporal punishment or any other form of physical assault, are punishable by law. We therefore, urge the former law maker to avoid taking the law in his hands and misleading other members of the public, into acts of lawlessness and impunity. As the Joint Security Agencies, we remain committed to pursuing all incidents of torture and will ensure that all perpetrators responsible are identified and charged to court.


SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

2nd May 2023

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