Press Release

The Inter Agency Security Committee has directed that fireworks display be limited to important National days only i.e. New Year, Liberation and Independence Day celebrations.
The directive is as a result of security concerns and the threat of terrorism that currently exists in the country. The continuous use of fireworks displays has become a security risk especially in Kampala.

Many people holding functions and events seek for permission to fire crackers and other fireworks display.

This is to inform the public that Uganda Police Force will not grant permission to any fireworks crackers, proprietors of entertainment places/hotels and organizers of events that fireworks display will not be permitted except on the above mentioned days.
People who had put in their request for permission to the Inspector General of Police requesting to display fireworks during weddings and other functions are informed that permission will not be granted.
We are advising the public to stick to only those days that the Interagency Security Committee has set aside for fireworks display other days, fireworks display will not be allowed as a security control measure.
Inter Agency Security Committee is composed of Officers from Police, Uganda Peoples Defense Force, Internal Security Organization, External Security Organization, Special Forces Command, CMI,  and JAT.  Judith Nabakooba
Police Spokesperson

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