Finance & Office Support


MR. Aggrey Wunyi

Police Undersecretary

The Department is headed by MR. Aggrey Wunyi who is the Undersecretary/Accounting Officer of Uganda Police Force, and it is responsible for efficient management of the financial and office support services to other Departments and Directorates for the smooth running of the Institution.

The department consists of the following departments;

  •  Accounts and Finance
  • Office Support Services
  • Procurement and Disposal Unit
  • Internal Audit Unit
   Accounts and Finance Unit

The unit is headed by a Commissioner of Police and its functions include;

Key Function

  • Maintain effective systems for management of all financial resources allocated to the institutions;
  • Manage financial resources by ensuring that all expenditures conform to the budgetary provisions and government financial regulations;
  • Process payments for goods and services;
  • Account for all financial resources;
  • Monitor and control expenditure in the institution;
  • Provide guidelines on financial policy decisions, rules and regulations to all stake holders;
  • Answer audit queries;
 Procurement and Disposal Unit

The unit is headed by Assistant Commissioner of Police and it is responsible for procuring goods and services for the institution in a more transparent manner.

 Functions of procurement and disposal unit 

  • Manage all procurement activities;
  • Consolidate procurement needs of the various Departments and develop plans;
  • Implement the decisions of the Contracts Committee;
  • Draft recommendations for procurement and disposal procedures;
  • Prepare and issue bid document and carry out advertisements;
  • Prepare and issue contract documents;
  • Maintain Suppliers’ list and disposal process records;
  • Prepare monthly report for the Contracts Committee;
  Office Support Services Unit

The Unit is headed by a Principal Assistant Secretary; and it provides administrative support services to all user Directorates, Departments, Divisions and Units within UPF.

Functions Office Support services Unit are;

  • Implement Government administrative policies, standards, guidelines and regulations;
  • Centrally manage the entire UPF correspondence work;
  • Provide appropriate security for the premises and property of the UPF;
  • Provide administrative, logistical and office support services to the UPF;
  • Manage the Registry of the UPF;
  • Organize and provide office accommodation and other operational necessities to the UPF staff;
  • Classify all mails and other documents to and from the UPF;
  • Maintain an up-to-date filling system and ensure proper disposal of records of the UPF in accordance with the retention and disposal schedules.
  Internal Audit Unit

The internal audit function at the Central Government is currently performed by the Internal Audit Department of the Accountant General’s Office in the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.

The main purpose of the Unit is to safeguard the financial resources entrusted to the organization by ensuring that systems are in place and regulations are adhered to.

Key Functions

  • Identify potential areas of financial risks and put in place systems to guard against them;
  • Continuously review and appraise the soundness, adequacy, application and efficiency of financial, accounting and other operational controls;
  • Provide technical support to ensure compliance with the existing financial and accounting plans, policies and procedures by management;
  • Carry out investigations where financial and accounting malpractices are suspected;