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The Territorial Police in KMP East and and Kira road CPS, have in custody, a one Nanteza Joan, for personation and criminal trespass after she with intent to steal or commit a felony, trespassed, into one of the conference halls at Kabira County Club and pretended to be a participant in a workshop, organised by ACODE. She registered herself as Abuje Sharon, which name was not in the participants list.

The suspect forms part of a clique of thieves, who target organised workshops and conferences, at different hotels and steal from their clients or alert their other accomplices about potential targets. The suspects, target smart phones, bags, ipads, laptops, during break time, photo sessions and at the closure of workshops. Upon interrogation, the suspect claimed she was a student of Environmental Studies, Evening classes at Makerere University, which was established to be false. We suspect university students were another group of targeted persons.

It was further established that on the 29.01.2024, the suspect attended a workshop at Riders Hotel in Seeta, under different names and stole a Samsang Tablet with an isntalled Health Information System Program. It was recovered from her. Expansive investigations to locate other accomplices and recovery of stolen items.

We want to thank the security team at Kabira Country Club, for all their vigilance and hard work, to combat such thieves at their premises. Anyone who engages in deceptive practices like this, should know they will not go undetected and will be held accountable.




SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

8th April 2024

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