1. How do I contact the Police in an emergency?
A. In an emergency dial: 999 or 112

2. Can I report a crime through this website?
A. No, we ask that you contact your local police station directly if you wish to report a crime.

3. How do I report a crime?
A. If you wish to report a crime we ask that you contact your local police station either by phone or in person. For the relevant contact details please visit our Contact Us page.

4. What is the purpose of the website?
A. The website strives to be an authoritative source of information on all policing matters in Uganda while also providing a clear insight into the function and structure of UPF. To meet this end, the website is centred around the provision of current news and social media regarding matters of policing and public awareness while also providing an extensive archive of easily accessible information on the structure and function of the organisation.

5. How can I make a complaint against a member of the Police?
A. If you wish to make a complaint regarding the conduct of a member of the police we urge you to contact the Professional Standards Unit who will investigate the matter thoroughly. For the relevant contact information please check below on the website footer for Professional Standards Unit.

6. How many police officers are there in the UPF?
A. Currently, there are 37,400 police officers and 396 civilian staff in the UPF.

7. When was the Uganda Police Force established?
A. Uganda Police history began in 1899 with the establishment of the Uganda Armed Constabulary. The institution has undergone extensive metamorphosis since those early beginnings. The current Uganda Police Force was eatablished under Article 212 of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda. It is charged with advancement and enhancement of peace, stability, order and adherence to the rule of law.

8. What do the different police uniforms represent?
A. The various police uniforms represent different divisions of the UPF:
    • Olive green uniform – General Police uniform
    • White uniform – Traffic Police
    • Blue camouflage uniform – Field Force Unit
    • Navy blue uniform – Marine Unit
    • Black uniform – Counter Terrorism Unit

9. What is a UPF Directorate?
A. A Directorate is a department charged with the management of a specific area of policing within the UPF. For more information please visit our Directorates page.

10. Who can I contact for more information?
A. If you have any general enquiries we ask that you contact your local police station or alternatively email us at info@upf.go.ug and we will gladly respond.