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We wish to inform the public that both the Nyegenyege festival and the Royal Dinner, that took place in Busoga Region, ended peacefully. As a result, we want to thank all fans and well-wishers, who took the courage to attend. The revellers and fans were vigilant. Only a few minor incidents occurred. We want to thank all visitors who travelled from different parts of the county, those from the region and across the world.

During the period, a total of 42 cases were registered, which led to the arrest of 45 suspects, out of whom 10 were released on police bond and the remaining 35 , are to be arraigned in the courts of law. The cases include; theft of mobile phones (20), impersonation (03), fire outbreak (05), being in possession of Marijuana (03), stealing motor vehicles (01) forgery of tickets (12).

To the organisers, we thank them for the huge amount of workdone in preparing for the events like this. Our joint safety and security measures were felt and tested by the majority.


SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

13th November 2023

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