EU, Police and partners move to equip officers in cases of Trafficking, Smuggling

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The European Union through the ‘Better Migration Management’ program in partnership with UNODC, CIVIPOL and Uganda Police Force are in the final stages of conducting training for police officers in Trafficking in Persons (TiP) and Smuggling of Migrants (SoM) for the region and in the horn of Africa. This is aimed at equipping police Officers with the required skills and competencies in dismantling organized criminal gangs involved in the illegal crossing of borders.


The training in TiP and SOM will help officers in identifying Traffickers and Smugglers who operate innumerable routes in different ways and means. Officers will also be in a position to identify victims and their specific rights and needs. They will know about the referral guidelines to be followed to investigate and prosecute TiP and SOM cases. The UPF Human Resource Development Directorate is championing developing the training manual, which will be enrolled in all Police Training Institutions, police regions and specialized police units. The training will be on phenomena responses, investigation methods, Standard Operating procedures, and international, regional, and national responses.

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