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Police officers have received a resounding call to embrace cybersecurity, safeguarding both personal and institutional data.

The impassioned plea comes from Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Haguma Jimmy, the Acting Commissioner of Police Electronic Counter Measures (ECM), under the ICT directorate, emphasized the critical role of implementing measures to fortify and improve the cybersecurity posture of the Force.

SSP Haguma Jimmy stressed, “If any one of us falls victim to cyber threats, the entire institution is equally exposed to that risk. This was drawn from the adage “A Chain is a strong as its weakest link” We are all susceptible at any given time, which is why regular checkups, updates, and the use of robust passwords are indispensable.”

During the training, officers were equipped with strategies to shield themselves from digital compromise, cyber offenses, and social engineering tactics. They also received guidance on ethical practices, netiquettes, and managing their electronic devices effectively, which includes scheduling breaks, considering noise-canceling devices, and rewarding themselves for task-focused work.

An increasing number of officers are benefiting from these cybersecurity tips to bolster their duty and personal security. Notably, officers from the Counter Terrorism and Criminal Investigation Directorate, which are pivotal in investigations and intelligence gathering, are among those receiving training.

The one-week sensitization program is reaching police officers across various directorates and is set to expand nationwide, beginning with Kampala Metropolitan. Those already equipped hail from the Directorate of Forensic Services and Interpol and International Relations.

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