Elgon Region Officers urged to Maintain Fitness

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A team from Police headquarters (Sports and Fitness department) on Tuesday toured Elgon Region officers to ascertain their fitness levels.

The team was headed by Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Kalule Abu with four fitness trainers.

Speaking to regional officers, SSP Kalule acknowledged that fitness is an important aspect in the force for all the serving officers for effective service delivery.

“A police officer is expected to be fit and healthy always in order to perform his duties well. We can’t serve our community better if we the law enforcers are weak and unhealthy. That’s why the IGP tasked us to come on ground and see to it that the men are fit.” He explained.

Kalule henceforth appealed to the officers to adopt strategies that will ensure they stay healthy and fit such as having a balanced diet.

He said with a healthy mind and body, some sicknesses like diabetic and obesity will be eliminated from the body.

This revelation was made in a regional meeting held at Elgon Regional Headquarters in Mbale attended by all the districts police commanders.

The regional police commander, SSP Nganizi Winslay said its a high time officers take training seriously and each DPC should enforce fitness sessions at their respective districts and fitness levels in the region.

The Elgon Region comprises of Bubuda, Manafa, Mbale City, Siroko, Bulambuli, Northern, Eastern Division, Central Division and Industrial Area Division.

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