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The police of East Kyoga territorial command would like to caution the wananichi against bribery of it’s officers as it happened in Serere district where Kagwa Onyait Francis and Ogwang John Micheal, all resident in Kyere sub county within serere district tried to corrupt the deputy OC CID D/ASP Okoth Sezi by paying 600,000/= (six hundred thousand shillings ) as a bribe to enable the release of murder suspects arrested vide CRB 169/2022.


On the 05/04/2022 at around 14:30PM, the bribery suspects tried to pay for the release of eight murder suspects who on the 22/3/2022 killed a one Oluka, a resident of Abuket through mob action on allegations of stealing a sheep. The deceased was beaten with sticks and his head hit with a stone.

The murder suspects by mob action were arraigned in court and persons who tried to bride the officers were equally arraigned yesterday following their arrest. The money for the bribe was exhibited, and a further 2,825,000/=( two million eight hundred twenty five thousand shillings) was recovered from them and exhibited, too.

We applaud the professional rigor of our officer which is a representative image and professionalism of the Uganda Police Force, and to remind the public that extra judicial action such as mob killings carry penal sanction against any person or group of persons who carry it out.

We continue to warn the public that there are consequences in trying to bribe a police officer and that it’s an offence that is punishable by law.  Every time, you attempt to bribe an officer who has a duty to protect and serve, you tarnish his badge, which is an affront to our code of ethics.

The arrest, therefore, demonstrates our commitment and resolve to fight and stamp out corrupt tendencies in the force and to prevent circumventing of Justice through bribery and illicit means.


ASP Ageca Oscar Gregg.

PRO East Kyoga


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