Domestic violence; one arrested, charged with grievous bodily harm

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A man who appears graciously assaulting a woman in a video that has since gone viral on social media was arrested and currently detained in custody at Natete Police station.

The man- Benson Okongo was arrested following allegations of grievous bodily harm and domestic violence.

In the grisly clip captured by a concerned citizen, Okongo Benson can be seen beating his wife Nagawa sauda 36, a resident of Mutundwe Hill in Kigaga zone. This incident happened on the 14/08/2021 from which, the Local authorities in the area arrested the suspect and took him to the Police station where he was detained.

The file has since been forwarded to the Resident State Attorney (RSA) on allegations of grievous bodily harm. He will be subsequently arraigned in courts of law.

We have in the past seen an increase in cases of domestic violence which unfortunately lead to death. We would like to inform the victims to report as soon as possible to our police station for proper case handling.

Asp Luke Owoyesigyire
Deputy PRO KMP
31st, 08 , 2021

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