Disruptive arrest of Sheikh Kalule Ismail

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  1. The police conducted a pre-emptive disruptive search operation on the 30th April 2014 at the residence of Dr. Sheikh Kalule Ismail in Kiwatule Ntinda, following continued intelligence reports of plans by terrorist groups to carry out attacks within Uganda.
  2. The suspect Dr. Sheikh Kalule Ismail was previously arrested in connection with the 2010 Kampala bombings but later released. However, there was continued surveillance and monitoring of his movements and those of his close associates that led to the search at his residence.
  3. The search which was conducted in his presence led to the recovery of the following items;
    • Two boxes of literature with full instructions on how to make home-made explosives/bombs and how to shield these explosives.
    • Several tapes, CDs, an iPad and laptop that are being subjected to further analysis by the police cyber unit.
  4. The possession of these kinds of terrorism related materials are serious offences of unlawful possession of materials for making explosives, ammunition and bombs; and or publishing and disseminating materials that promote terrorism. The investigative team has expanded its inquiries and will ensure that all culprits are charged to court on evidence respectively.
  5. It should be noted that the matters being investigated against the suspect are purely criminal in nature and should not be connected to any other disputes that he is involved in.
  6. The public is warned that such improvised homemade explosives are made from very cheap chemicals and devices that include beauty products like gel, lotions, and liquids; cellphones, toothpaste, pressure plates and command wires but are very deadly and widely used by terrorists in many countries. They are urged to alert the police on any suspicious activities surrounding such chemicals and devices.


Fred Enanga
Ag. CP Press and Public relations

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