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Today 4th September 2020, Uganda Police Force Disciplinary Court has concluded the case in which Superintendent of Police (SP) Tubanone Joel is alleged to have injured Hon. Cecilia Ogwal in 2017.

The Disciplinary Court was chaired by SCP Birungi Charles (Ag. Director Interpol and Peace Support Operations), and in attendance was Hon. Cecilia Ogwal (Woman MP Dokolo District), SP Tubanone Joel (former DPC Lira among others.

The accused pleaded guilty to two counts of using unnecessary force, he was convicted and sentenced on his own plea of guilty and did not waste court time.

The court in exercise of objectivity and fairness to both the accused and the complainant, heard from both parties and convicted the accused on both counts.

The sentencing also put into consideration the pain and inconveniences endured by the complainant as a result of the unwarranted actions of the accused, basing on his own plea of guilty. He was sentenced to reduction in rank as well as reprimand and his right to appeal this sentence within 14 (fourteen days) was explained to him.

The court made this decision with the aim to deter the accused and all other police officers from using unnecessary force in executing their lawful duties.


ACP Polly Namaye


4th Sept. 2020

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