Delays in Processing Fingerprint for Certificate of Good Conduct and Other Purposes

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The Directorate of Forensic Services is undertaking final installations at its Headquarters, for the Automated Bio-metric Identification System, that will enable the automation of fingerprints acquisition and processing. The computerized grading system will ensure faster and standardized fingerprint quality assessment, in an inexpensive and more efficient manner.

Therefore, members of the public applying for fingerprint processing, should note that there will be a slight delay in getting results, during the month of October, 2019. Everything will change in November, 2019, with more advanced, fast and more modern fingerprint identification processes.

Those intending to seek for our services in security, data safety, suspect identification and other formal requests are advised to place their requests much earlier, due to the manual processing of fingerprints.

Any inconveniences caused are highly regretted.


CP Fred Enanga

Police Spokesperson

30th Sept. 2019

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