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On the 1/10/2019, at about 1300/c, a mobile phone exploded, and instantly killed, Mwebesa Godwin a 30 year old, resident of Rugaga village, Kayonza Parish, Kikatsi sub county in Kiruhuura District.

The victim rode his motorcycle reg. no. UED955T, Bajaj red in color, to check on his cows at the farm.  He parked aside upon arrival and bent forward to check on himself in the side mirror. However, his phone which was being held in the right hand touched the cylinder head of the motorcycle engine, which was still hot. It triggered an explosion that shattered the victims hand and stomach thus forcing his intestines out. He died instantly

The security teams from Rwizi Region and Kiruhura district, that comprised of a Bomb Expert, responded to the scene and confirmed how the mobile phone exploded, after it came into contact with an overheated engine.

Although incidents of mobile phones exploding are un common, we would like to caution the public when dealing with any connected gadgets like cell phones, laptops and remote controls. Simply because blasts can easily occur from any connected device, with a battery. This can arise due to overcharging, manufacturing defect, a faulty battery, a processor that is not functioning properly or due to heat generated from another object or combustible substance

The public is urged to always ensure all connected devices are kept away from other combustibles including gas.  And to avoid leaving phone devices plugged in for extended periods of time.


CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

7th October 2019


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