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The Directorate of Crime Intelligence in coordination with the territorial units in KMP and Iganga, have recovered 9 suspected stolen motor vehicles and arrested nine suspects, who form part of a wider criminal gang, behind the Aggravated Robberies of motor vehicles.

The task team built on the intelligence it gathered in an incident of Aggravated Robbery that happened at Kajjansi-Lumuli zone in Wakiso district. During the robbery, two female adults were sexually assaulted and thereafter, transported to a bush near the National Medial Stores offices, where they were tied to a tree. They were rescued by residents. The thugs robbed their motor vehicle, a spacio white in color registration number UAX 773C, Ugx 900,000/-, 5 mobile phones and their IDs.

The motor vehicle was traced and recovered in Iganga district, with tampered number plates. The 9 suspects who were arrested include; Makelere Dan, Idinda Mubarak, Nkolawano Burhan, Muitebi Shafik, Kakelele Shafik, Muutebi Faiso, Kafero Dirisa, Kafero Sulaiman and Nabirye Margret. A serious manhunt for other members of the criminal gang is ongoing.

The list of the 9 recovered motor vehicles with tampered number plates include;

· Toyota Harrier, white in colour, under registration number UAW 853K.

· Toyota Spacio, white in colour, under registration number UAT 019U

· Toyota Spacio, white in color, registration number UAT 382E

· Prado green in color, registration number UAT 385G

· Toyota Noah, dark blue, registration number UAP 714E.

· Toyota Noah, white in color registration number UAR 297Q

· Salon corolla Black registration number UAG 127T

· Premio Grey in color registration number UAH 763U

· Fuso white in color registration number UAQ 148F

The vehicles are parked at Iganga CPS but arrangements are in place to transfer them to CI KMP Headquarters. We call upon victims of car theft and robberies to liaise with KMP team, for further follow-up and inspection. The criminal gang is involved in a string of motor vehicle robberies in the KMP area and neighbouring districts. They further transport them to their criminal hub in Iganga, where they alter the chassis, Engine and registration numbers before selling them off.

The arrest of the notorious gang is a very big achievement in the fight against organised crimes targeting motor vehicles. The expansive operations are still ongoing, with a view of arresting other gang members and hold them accountable for their atrocities.


SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

9th May 2023


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