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On the 19/04/2014 at around 1100 p.m., a security guard called Mangeni Silver attached to Protectorate SPC signed for an AK 47 with 5 rounds and headed for his beat. He branched at Kabalgala trading centre to withdraw money from the ATM and found his monthly salary short due to deductions from the source. It is indicated that the money is routinely deducted by his supervisor Egesa who also doubles as his Uncle at the security company and sent to his village to cater for his family.

The security guard started misconducting himself and threatened to use the gun against the civilians in the area, who upon their vigilance alerted the police at Kabalagala. The DPC kabalagala police station and his crew responded which caused the security guard to run and run and seek refuge at their other offices located at plot 1440 Muyenga “A” Tank Hill Rd at around 0100 a.m. on the 20/04/2014.

The security turned against his other workmates numbering 10 (2 females and 8 males) and put them under gun point thus holding them hostage. The Police at kabalagala cordoned off the area and tried to prevail over the suspect together with the Director Protectorate SPC Mr. Moses Masiko but all in vain.

The elite counter terrorism police was called and at around 7.00 a.m. today they tactically stormed the premises with covering shots and subdued the suspect who shot at them too. He was arrested and his gun No. GPD 56F3200363 recovered with 4 rounds remaining. The victims were all rescued without any injuries.

The suspect is in custody at kabalagala police station on acts of terrorism.

The civilian population is highly commended for their vigilance and the counter terrorism unit for their degree of professionalism.



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