Some of the crimes prone to youth under the influence of alcohol

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A report by W.H.O in 2011 noted that hazardous and harmful drinking patterns such as intoxication and binge drinking seemed to be on the rise in adolescents and young adults. This points to a dangerous trend and it is therefore important for youth to take note that alcohol influence may lead to preventable crimes such as;

  • Drink driving
  • Causing death due to recklessness
  • Abuse of drugs
  • Abuse of drugs (being under influence of drugs such as narcotics)
  • Rape/defilement
  • Thefts and pick pocketing
  • Murders
  • Domestic violence
  • Affray and assault
  • Incest and many more

Young people especially those below 18 years are highly encouraged to desist from indulging in practices harmful to themselves or to the society, and in this case, alcohol abuse so as not to find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Namaye Polly

Ag. Assistant Commissioner of Police
Deputy Public Relations Officer
28th April 2014

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