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The Directorate of Crime Intelligence in coordination with Counter-terrorism, conducted raids on two hide outs of suspected terrorists, in Lukaya-Kalungu and Bulo village in Butambala district, where they arrested 7 suspects. (names still withheld).  Upon interrogation, they clearly indicated how they were being inspired, to carry out attacks on security personnel and VIP installations, within the country, by Imam Sulaiman Nsubuga, of the Lweza ADF Cell, who is still at large.  We are aware of the planned attacks on security personnel and continue to review our security posture, in the face of these targeted threats.

Much as our counter terror task teams have greatly weakened the ADF, criminal elements and other hostile groups in the country, the sponsors of terrorism, are trying hard to reconstitute and re-establish operational terror cells and related capabilities. Their operational cells are mobile, autonomous, and flexible in the range of their targets or objectives.

Although we have now entered day 80, since the deadly suicide attacks occurred at CPS and Parliamentary Avenue, we have credible information indicating that, these hostile groups are determined to carry out attacks to reveal their existence. Their tactics include use of suicide bombers, attacks on VIP’s and security personnel, ride along shoot and kill, on bodabodas, use of AK 47 SMG random attacks and bomber attacks.

Our task teams are aware of these threats, of smaller but operational terror cells.  We are putting more attention on eliminating them and preventing them from being created.  The arrests and disruptive operations we have made are proof of the reality, that there are individuals in Uganda, who have become radicalised to violence and are willing to act upon it.  We are doing every thing in our means to disrupt their mobility and proliferation.

We want to thank the local communities who furnished us with relevant information about these hostile cells, that had started recruiting individuals for terrorism purposes.  The threats are real and call for increased vigilance and caution, as people go about our daily activities.

CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

14th February 2022

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