Press Release

The Joint Security Agencies of the police, UPDF and JIC (CMI, ISO, CI) are actively monitoring our external border with DRC following the infiltration into the country of a group of notorious ADF rebel leaders. As the serious hunt for the rebel leaders and other ADF remnants continues, we call upon all members of the public to remain vigilant into the face of these threats. In particular, we would like to caution all our security personnel to be on the full alert, including those manning VIP installations, politicians, eating points, buses, police stations, tourist locations, hotels, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, parks, high profile events, educational institutions, airports, markets, shopping malls, government installations and other soft targets.

Out Joint Counter-terror task teams are actively following leads and will do anything within their means to protect all Ugandans and other citizens, from these threats. The public is therefore, reminded to remain vigilant and promptly report any suspicious activity to police, as they go about their activities and businesses. In addition, any person found harbouring or collaborating with the rebels, will suffer consequences once arrested.

We call upon each and everyone to be alert, as our JATT task teams continue to pursue, the ADF rebel leaders who are hiding within the country, and trying to re-establish their operational terror-cells within the country.

We are doing everything within our means to locate them and disrupt their mobility and proliferation, within the country.




SCP Enanga Fred


Police Spokesperson


25th March 2024



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