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As you are all aware, on the 21.10.2023, the UPDAF, carried out very successful air strikes on an ADF camp that was located 60kms, from the Ugandan border of Ntoroko, after very accurate reconnaissance and intelligence.  The impact of the airstrikes continues to degrade the group’s ability to operate in the DRC and in Uganda.

Back home, another operation was carried out in Kyankwanzi district, where 22 suspected ADF rebels were picked by the Joint Anti-terrorism Task Force. Our Joint Counter Terrorism Task Force, continues to monitor all spaces, in villages, urban centres and towns, where ADF elements and remnants are trying to hide within the community. Their failure to surrender or apply for Amnesty, clearly indicates that, they still pose serious threats of safety and security against Ugandans and visitors in the country.

SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

23rd  October 2023

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