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The Police is concerned about the continuous incidents of Child Murders arising out of domestic violence, which is a major risk for children. For instance, the territorial police in Wakiso is investigating the alleged torture and murder of Sserubiri Train, a 4-year-old, male juvenile, by the step-mother Asiimwe Honest, at Nakirama cell, Kyengera Town Council, in Wakiso District.  The victim was the son of Kizza James, who separated with his mother while two years.  The victim’s body had scars on the face and the stomach.

In another incident, the police at Nyendo in Masaka city has put up a serious manhunt for a father, Kilembo Gerald, for the suspected murder of his son, Ssebugwawo Gerald aged 4 months.  The suspect who is a drug addict and alcoholic, was in an abusive relationship with his wife Kasozi Hajara, aged 37, at Kirowoza village, Nyendo.  On the 1.05.2022, he seriously assaulted his wife, who was carrying their 4-month-old son on the back.  She fell down with the child and they both sustained serious injuries. Unfortunately, their son died on the 4.05.2022, due to the injuries suffered.

In Kween district a father called Chemutai Ivan and his wife Chelimo Bena, who doubles as the step mother of Chebet Aron, a 3-year-old male juvenile. The two suspects were arrested on the 06.05.2022, following the disappearance of the victim on the 23.04.2022, and the mother reported by the biological mother Chebet Joy, aged 21.  Upon interrogation, it was established that they had strangled the 3-year-old son and buried him at their home.  An exhumation order is being processed

In Buvuma district, on the 06.05.2022, at around 3am, a one Wamboka Allan, aged 30 got involved in a serious domestic fight with his wife Magoba Zaina.  The victim ran and reported the matter at Nkata police post.  Upon her return, she found when the suspect who was a step-father to her one-year old daughter, Safina Kisakyamukama, had stabbed her to death.  The suspect also repeatedly stabbed himself and was found lying in a pool of blood. He was rushed to Nkata Health Centre for treatment, where he is being guarded, pending court. The incident happened at Nkata LCI, Lyabana Trading Centre in Buvuma district.


In Gulu district, a one Lakot Susan, a 20-year-old female peasant was arrested for the alleged murder of Lagum, a one-month old baby girl.  The mother of the victim on the 6.05.2022, at around 8am, left her baby, being carried on the back of Lakica Mercy, a 7-year-old female juvenile, as she went to the garden.  When she returned at 10am, she untied the baby from the back of the baby sister, only to find the baby dead.  They filed a report to police after learning that Lakot Susan, a 20-year-old, female peasant, of Paromo village, Paduny parish, Awach sub-county, in Gulu district, had at some stage removed the baby, took her inside the house, and strangled her to death. She returned the body of the baby and wrapped it on the back of the baby sitter, then disappeared.

Another incident occurred on the 8.05.2022 at around 1:30am, in Acerer village, Moruita Sub-county in Nakapiripirit district, where a one Iriama Christine who was in a drunken state, felt to the ground and rolled herself around, while pressing her 3-month-old baby boy, called Ngorok Joshua. The baby died while on her back which lead to the arrest of the mother.


All the incidents above show how vulnerable children are due to acts of domestic violence or reckless behavior by parents and guardians.  We call upon the public to report any incidents where children are vulnerable to the nearest police station, LCs. Probation officers and any other NGOs advocating for Children’s rights.

CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

9th May 2022

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