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As you are all aware, today marks the 7th day, into the suspension of NUP mobilisation activities, following several breaches of guidelines, that led to public disorder, traffic disruption and delays, loss of business, malicious damage to property, and dangerous driving causing death and injuries, among others. Like indicated, the suspension of mobilisation activities, continues until when the NUP leadership complies with the police guidelines and law abiding.

While the NUP insist that their mobilisation tours were peaceful, we had credible intelligence on how, they were determined to confront police and attract ugly scenes. Their unregulated processions, caused significant risk to the public, motorists, pedestrians, bystanders and participants.

In the first phase, the police and sister security agencies, exercised restraint and avoided any confrontation with NUP, that could have attracted ugly scenes, for publicity and negative propaganda against the police and the country at large. In the previous NUP demonstrations, several people lost their lives, others were charged with various crimes ranging from Arson. Malicious damage, attempted murder, incitement of violence, damages to roads, assault and obstruction of officers on duty and various traffic offences among others. Through these acts, the demonstrators showed no respect or minimal regard towards the communities.

Although NUP has vowed to defiantly continue with its second phase of the mobilisation tour, they must be aware that under the Police Act, Sec 32(1) the police have a duty to police public meetings in a proportionate manner. Our priority has always been to ensure that millions of Ugandans and visitors in the country, enjoy a safe and secure environment.

We call upon all Ugandans and visitors in the country, to stand in solidarity with rule of law and reject these unlawful demonstrations, violent or destructive behaviour associated with the NUP. As police, we anticipate protest events that are planned for days to come and an alleged mass demonstration dubbed “Go-Kungu” on the 15.01.2024.

But we have a multi-layered strategy that includes, counter –response, reaction and arrests. We will not rest until those who plan to use violence and intimidation for impunity and lawlessness are brought to full justice.

SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

19th Sept. 2023

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