Continous Crackdown Operations on the Illegal Use of Sirens and Flashlights.

Traffic Alert

We would like to inform the public that the crackdown operations on the an authorised or illegal use of sirens and flashing lights is still ongoing. We have been lenient and only confiscating the sirens then cautioning the defaulters.

However, we have noticed that the dangerous habit is still being exploited by indisciplined drivers. Therefore, those drivers ,motorists including boda boda riders who will be found to be using emergency lights and sirens on roads illegally, will now have them confiscated and the suspects charged to court. Any repeated violations will lead to further court action under
Sec 123(5) &6 of the Traffic and Road Safety Act 1998.

The concerns from the public are that motorists including boda bodas with sirens and Flashlights pose very serious danger to other road users and the public while illegally using them.

The errant motorists discharge high density lights causing more glare, causing obstruction oncoming traffic or temporary blindness to the driver. This habit has been so dominant at night and it *MUST* stop.




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