Clarification on delayed/missing salary for Police Personnel

Press Release

Reference is made to various complaints in the public domain about delayed and or missing salary payments for some police personnel particularly for the months of January to March 2014. The Police management acknowledges these concerns and wishes to clarify to all the affected personnel and the public that the delay was due to the following two reasons:

Firstly, the Ministry of Public Service introduced a new system for the payment of salaries from the old system that was being manipulated by criminals to create ghost payments. The process that involves transferring payroll data is done in phases and has covered about 95% of police personnel thus causing delay in the payment of salaries to the balance within the 5% whose details have not been captured.

Secondly, the police also regularly conduct physical headcounts countrywide to establish the presence of its personnel at the respective duty station. In the most recent headcount conducted from July-November 2013, it established that some police personnel had absconded duty while others had deserted. Their salaries stopped pending clearance through our internal processes.

This therefore, is to assure the public that corrective measures are in place to ensure that all missing salaries are activated and arrears paid among other salary adjustments by the end of this week.


Fred Enanga
Ag. CP Press and Public Relations
Uganda Police Force


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