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The Police would like to clarify on a post making rounds on social media claiming pupils were intercepted at the airport planning to leave the country.

It is not true that any pupils were intercepted at the airport with passports and Visas planning to leave the country. The facts at hand are that our Police station in Entebbe received information from the head teacher Green Hill Primary school about three pupils who were stranded at the bank while trying to withdraw money.

The police responded and brought them to the station, where they gave us a story on how they had allegedly been kidnapped from their school in Buwate .

The police at Kasangati travelled to Entebbe where they received the pupils from their counterparts and started inquiries.

The officers are working with Green Hill Primary School Buwate where they study from . We discovered that on Monday 18th 07 2022, three pupils in primary seven between the ages of 13 and 14 left school premises and boarded an Uber to go meet up with a friend in Entebbe.

They claim this friend would give them Jobs and a place to stay in Entebbe during their stay . Unfortunately, the card where they claim to have wanted to withdraw money amounting to 400,000 got stuck at the Entebbe ATM Dfcu bank and they too got stuck.

The uber driver used the same phone to call up the head teacher who responded by calling the police. We took their statements and handed them over to their parents.

More details will be availed as they are available.


ASP Luke Owoyesigire

Deputy PRO KMP


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