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On the 2/02/2021, a video footage which went viral, captured a female victim, who was later identified as Ms. Josephine Omara Olili, castigating the institution of the police, after claims of professional misconduct and torture by officers at Lira CPS, during attempts by them to impound a Motor vehicle Toyota land cruiser, white in color, under registration number, UAE 099T that is under investigation. The motor vehicle which belongs to our officer, SP Obia George was temporarily handed over to her during the month of May 2020, to facilitate her campaigns for the position of flag bearer for Woman MP Otuke district, during the NRM primaries.

The victim had formally resigned as the RDC Alebtong district and handed over the government vehicle to pave way for her participation in politics but she unfortunately lost. After her loss in the party primary, she retained the vehicle and failed to return it to the officer. Several attempts to reclaim it were rendered futile, till the 22/09/2020, when the officer filed a complaint of theft of his Motor vehicle at CPS Lira.

The two parties had a personal connection and were engaged during the year 2019, but separated around September, 2019. We strongly believe the victim falsely accused the officer, who temporarily handed over his vehicle to her on a friendly basis to facilitate her political campaigns. Therefore, instead of castigating the police and covering up her crime of stealing a Motor vehicle and obstruction of officers on lawful duty, we urge her to seek permission to continue using the vehicle from the owner, avail any transfer agreement or obtain any other authorization of court.

The officer has a clean track record over the course of his career in the force, and did act professionally, when he as a last resort reported the matter to Lira CPS for investigations. We believe his complaint was justified given the circumstances.

The police is committed to its values of integrity, transparency and professionalism. The fact that the officer has better proof of ownership and followed the right procedure of registering a complaint, is consistent with our values of transparency.

Any further developments will be communicated accordingly.

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