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We wish to congratulate all Ugandans and visitors for having celebrated all Christmas holiday in a very peaceful manner, across the country.  We are pleased that the majority of the public adhered to our safety guidelines while travelling, partying, at prayers and other festivities. Generally, the Christmas holiday was very calm and peaceful.

For those who lost their loved ones during the Christmas holiday, it is with great sadness, that we extend our condolences to you all, your families and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

As we enter the new year 2022, the leadership of the Joint Security Agencies continues to remind all Ugandans and other citizens in the country, to adhere to the security, safety and health guidelines.  With the emergence of the new COVID-19 variant, amidst the threats of terrorism and rebel activity, it is imperative that all members of the public, take matters of public safety seriously, by acting cautiously with concern for their own safety, the safety of their families and all other Ugandans and visitors.

We wish to thank all Ugandans and other citizens in the country, who are law abiding and have taken the necessary precautions, to protect themselves and their families.  We urge them to continue planning ahead, in better ways and remain vigilant.

We wish to inform all dealers in fireworks, proprietors of hotels, places of worship, City Lord Mayors, event organizers, VIPs and the public, that for the second year running, all new year’s eve fireworks displays, have been cancelled due to the threats of COVID-19, in addition all church leaders, pastors and Reverands are also reminded, that due to uncertainties of COVID-19, all cross over prayers on new year’s eve, have also been cancelled due to the uncertainties caused by COVID-19.  All other reckless behaviors like burning of tyres, tree branches and debris in the middle of the roads, is prohibited.

We also with to greatly thank all active members of the Joint Security, the Police, UPDF, Uganda Prisons, UWA, Immigrations, all volunteers, local leaders, health workers, religious leaders, politicians, the media and all other service providers, who worked very hard in promoting peace and safety during this Christmas.  This included all military and peacekeepers stationed in the DRC, Somalia, South Sudan, in the Karamoja, on all our water bodies, who are away from their families.

It is with great honor, dedication and selflessness, that we celebrate you for your courage and sacrifice, in supporting the ongoing fight for a peaceful Uganda. We are truly grateful.

We wish to conclude by wishing each and everyone in Uganda, a happy end of year 2021, and a prosperous New Year 2022.

CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

27th December 2021

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