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The Leadership of the Joint Security Agencies has applauded all security personnel who effectively secured the Christmas Holiday and Festivities across the country. Reports from all our jurisdictions indicate that the festivities were generally peaceful without any incidents of major security significance.

At least millions of Christian’s gathered in churches and other places of worship across the country to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and also observe the Christmas holiday. We thank all the religious leaders who worked with our security teams to ensure the safety and security of church goers and well-wishers.

Our teams across the country, also worked with event’s organizers and promoters and successfully policed all music shows and concerts, at major venues.

Generally, from an operational stand print, the Joint Security Personnel were very alert and professional in the many roles they carried out during and after the Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The full team effort included the UPF, UPDF, Prisons, JIC of ISO, CMI, ESO and CI, the General Duties, Field Force Unit, CID, Fire and Rescue, JATT, Traffic, Airwing, Forensic, K-9, Highway Patrols, Public Relations, Rapid and Quick reactions teams among others.

The inter-agency planning, preparation, evaluation and coordination efforts, were very effective, which made the likelihood of an attack and major threat very low.

We also want to thank the LCs, other local leaders and the community for their level of vigilance.

Together, we were able to deliver a very peaceful, safe and secure, Christmas Day celebrations.




SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

28th December 2022

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