Child killed in suspected ritual sacrifice

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Territorial police in kiboga is investigating a murder case of a child- katongole charles aged 03 yrs, son to Ronald Kasibante and Betty Tulina

Preliminary investigations indicate that on 19/04/2021, the child left home to play with the neighbour’s children.

The mother then waited for the child to come back but in vain, prompting her to proceed to the neighbour’s house and was informed that an adult by the names of Kintu had gone with the child.

The mother lnformed the neighbors who accompanied her to Kintus place at Ndabiriza village but didn’t find the child
.lnstead they found the said Kintu with blood stained clothes.

The matter was immedietly matter was reported to the LC 1 chairman and kintu was apprehended.

There after, a case of a missing child was reported to Police for lnquiries.

A team of detectives visited the area and a sniffer dog was lntroduced to suspected scene.

The sniffer dog led the dog handler with other detectives to the first scene where the clothes of the missing child were recovered soaked in blood.
Also recovered at the same place was a body part suspected to be a lower lip chin.

The sniffer dog further led the detectives to another scene at kanoga swamp where a mutilated body of the victim was recovered.

Other body parts of the child had been cut off from the deceased’s body by the assailants and were visibly missing.

The body of the deceased was conveyed to Kiboga Hospital for postmortem.

Samples were extracted from the suspect-Kintu and the blood stained recovered clothes and have been submitted to the Government Analytical Lab for analysis,as deeper investigations continue.

Kintu who is the prime suspect in this case will be taken for medical examination to establish his mental state.

Three other suspects are in police custody for questioning, related to this case with high indications that this might have been a ritual sacrifice.

Investigations continue.


Asp Racheal kawala

Wamala Region PRO

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