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The joint security agencies continue to register incidents of child homicides, where children are tortured and murdered, under avoidable circumstances. For instance; on the 11.02.2022, a one Namuyombya Rihanna, a 5-year-old baby class pupil, at St James Buwejje Junior School, Buwejje Trading Centre Kyato Parish, Mbirizi Subcounty, in Kasanda district, was led to a banana plantation, by her maternal Uncle, Ssenkumbi Arian, who slit her throat with a panga, and killed her instantly. The victim had not gone to school that day, due to illness.  She instead escorted her mother, Nankumba Nosaita, a 34-year-old peasant, to their garden at Busana village. The mother left the daughter, playing with other children at around 7.30am, and proceeded to the garden. At around 9.30am, she realised her daughter was missing and when she inquired, she was told how she had gone to her maternal Uncle Ssenkumbi Arian, with whom she had a poor relationship.   only to be told how she went with her brother Ssenkubi, with whom she had a poor relationship. The suspect was arrested and lynched to death by the community.

On the 10.02.2022 at around 8.40am, the police in Hoima, found the body of Nyabagimu Immaculate, a 15-year-old, former primary six pupil, at Naigaga Primary School, in Kagadi District. She had left her home in Kyanaisoke Village, Kahunde Parish, Kyanaisoke Subcounty, in Kagadi District, on the 8.02.2022, and went to Hoima, to look for a job. She was hired as a maid, by Akuguzibwe Beatrice, a food vendor at park cell, central ward, Hoima East Division, in Hoima City. The victim was sleeping in a kitchen and on the fateful day, she was raped and strangled to death, two days after leaving their home.  The suspect is still unknown but investigations are ongoing. Exhibits of a torn petticoat and other items were recovered.

Again, on the 10.02.2022, a one Nasasira Rita, a 25-year-old, hotel attendant of Rwabarera Cell, Kagarama Parish, Bubaare Subcounty, Rubanda District, prepared her two daughters, Kukudankwe Blessing aged 7 and her elder sister Ainebyoona Ampurira Cynthia for school. She also gave them money for lunch. During lunch time, the siblings went to the local hotel of Busingye alias Vayi at Rwakabara Cell, Kabale Municipality and she served them food, laced with suspected poison. The victims started experiencing stomach pains and vomiting. Upon, reaching their home, the younger victim Kukundakwe Blessing, aged 7, collapsed and died. Their mother returned and rushed Ainebyoona Cynthia to Rugarama Hospital, while in critical condition. The suspect is arrested and in custody.

 Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victim. The pain and fear they must have endured at the time of the incident, are overwhelming for their age.

The incidents and many others clear indicate how children are great risk due to the existence of perpetrators of child abuse torture and murder. The circumstances above, bring out motivations of revenge, jealousy and financial challenges, as factors that affect children.

The Joint Security Agencies remain committed to pursuing every incident of child torture and homicide and ensure that those responsible for the horrific crimes are brought to justice.

CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

14th February 2022

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