CCTV Images at Causality Ward Released.

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PRO 132/01

CCTV Images at Causality Ward Released.

We would like to release footage that was obtained from the security cameras that captured moments under which, the Late Michael Alinda aka Ziggy Wine, was transported on a bodaboda to Mulago National Referral Hospital, on the 21/07/2019, by two helpers/good Samaritans. They were captured on two cameras that were relevant and took consideration of the location, time and details.

The first footage was captured by the fixed cameras at Mulago market road/ church, on the 21/07/2019 at around 8:11 pm. It shows 3 people on a motorcycle who include; the rider, the victim and a helper, who appeared to be supporting the victim.

The second security camera, at Mulago Causality Ward, shows how the trio arrived at the Hospital at 8; 12 pm. The victim who appeared weak was being supported by the rider and the helper. It further shows how they led the victim in the direction of the causality ward.

We would like to greatly thank all those good Samaritans, who help victims to hospital. And in this particular incident the boda boda rider, Turyamureeba Amos and Kimbowa David, a staff at Hope Clinic, for volunteering to transport the victim to Hospital.




26th August 2019





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