Brig. Sabiiti Hosts Women Protest Group

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Deputy Inspector General of Police, Brig Muzeeyi Sabiiti today hosted a group of women activists under their umbrella body, Women Protest Working Group at Police headquarters, Naguru.

In attendance were senior officers from different police departments; Child and Family Protection, Political Commiserate, Counter Terrorism, Traffic and Public Relations Office CID, among many others .

The visiting group was led by Dr Stella Nyanzi.

During the meeting, the Women Working Group officially tabled a petition on recent kidnaps and killings of women before the Inspector General of Police.

Our visitors also put to the IGP that they will have a million match on Kampala streets to voice their concerns.

In the same meeting, they were briefed on a number of things including how far we have gone in terms of investigation mainly in cases of kidnaps and murders.

It was all well, healthy and jovial engagement, punctuated with hard words from the humorous, Dr Nyanzi.

We however agreed to among others, work together in a more robust and focused way in order to defend and protect women and children against murders and kidnaps.

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