Bomb scare at Lugogo was a sham

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Bomb scare at Lugogo was a sham
A small metallic object was last night at about 10:00pm found discarded near Shoprite supermarket outside African coffee café at Lugogo Forest mall, and this attracted many people to the area when someone said it was a bomb.
Police Counter Terrorism Unit personnel immediately visited the scene and safely removed the object. Preliminary findings show that the object is a car component for regulating temperatures in the vehicle.
The object has been exhibited by experts from Counter Terrorism Unit and further investigations are underway to establish who placed it there and with what intentions.
The Uganda police force continues to call for vigilance and alertness amongst all members of the public and also conveys gratitude to all those who endeavor and tirelessly work with the police to combat crime in the country.

Namaye Polly
Deputy PRO

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